designed & handmade in Oakland, California
by Meredith Connor

mereMADEbags are made by hand, one at a time, with a focus on durability, functionality, and belief that well made things should only get better with age.


Meredith draws her inspiration from her time living in Japan where she studied pottery and developed a passion for functional art. She now spends her time making bags, binding books, sewing clothes, working with wood, leather, canvas and more.


As a social worker, she utilizes the arts/creative-engagement as an alternative approach to working therapeutically with young people who have experienced complex trauma.


Whether it be figuring out a certain stitch or navigating the complicated mental health system for her clients, Meredith's love for problem solving ensures that each bag is as unique as the individual who adopts it. 


Film made by Allen Myers // Nomadsight

Allen and I worked together in 2017 to design a backpack (shown below) that would allow him to travel more easily with all of his camera gear on his back. 

In return Allen made this short film which helps to tell the story of how a custom bag comes to life.

film made by Morgan Lear

shot using: Canon 814 Autozoom with Black and White ASA 200 filmstock.

Inspired by purposeful, resourceful, practical, and intentional creativity. 

Morgan spent a day in my studio in 2017 periodically filming and asking questions about my creative process while I made a backpack (below) from start to finish.

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